Dixie Baseball 2019 Info

Updated Tuesday January 8, 2019 by Jorge Smith.

Hello Baseball Fans, Parent and Coaches


The spring 2019 season is arriving soon, the Dixie board will be meeting every week until opening day. As always we will have five divisions’ leagues 5&6, 7&8, 9&10, 11&12 and 13&14-15’s. Each league’s teams will be assigned 20 games over a 10 week period. 


The season will start March 23, 2019 and end the 1st weekend in June, 2019.


Due to numerous injuries over the past couple of years of players in Thibodaux, collectively from all teams; we would like to share some information that might help you make wise choices for your children in the spring season.


This year as always, if you want your child to play in multiple leagues, besides Dixie this is permissible. However, at the end of our regular season, you can only play or coach in one All Star league in Dixie and you cannot play or coach in any other national affiliate All Star program simultaneously. 


Also, you must declare where you want to play and coach at the end of your regular season game prior to our Dixie closing league tournament. 


Recruiting players during or at the end of the season to leave our program to play on any other teams is strictly a violation of the Dixie program and you will be removed as a coach or parent from the program.


We have a grave concern about the kids that play in most of these leagues, that allow young pitchers 12 and under to throw curves, sliders, knuckle balls, this is usually done by overzealous coaches and/or dads who want to WIN. Most of these adults are living their own lives through players and /or their child.


Also, teaching this age group how to hold runners on base is ridiculous to the experienced youth coach. This shows lack of knowledge in youth baseball; most players can steel on any pitch.  What the correct lesson should be is how to pitch and not worry about some kid taking a lead of the base. Most high school baseball coaches say most youth baseball players a taught the wrong fundamentals at this age and they learn bad habits. 


At this age your child should be taught how to throw a fast ball, which may not be fast yet but that’s ok and maybe a choke change that is thrown just like a fastball, these pitches will not hurt your child’s arm; however at this age all others pitches taught to kids by coaches and/or dads will most probably hurt your child’s arm and could hinder his baseball for now and later.


We are worried that the number of games that your kids play on weekends is in excess, and could cause both physical and psychological emotional problems.


Dr. Jim Taylor a sports psychologist describes youth baseball as a battle against failure and winning obsessed culture that often creates intense psychological pressure for kids too young to cope.


Nationally less than 10% of kids in youth baseball play high school baseball and less than 3% of high school baseball players play in college. Did you know that 70% of kids who play youth sports never play an organized sport after they are 12 yr. old, main reason “it’s not fun anymore”


We shared these concerns and facts with you to help our parents, coaches and children in our community. So, before every game this spring, tell your kids you love them and give them a hug and say PLAY BALL!


See Ya’ll at the Park

Dixie Board Directors