UpdatedSaturday January 11, 2020 byJorge Smith.

Registration for Spring 2020 now open. 

Registration fee is only $40. 

Sponsorship is $250 per team. 

Uniforms and equipment will be supplied by league:
hats, shirts, belts, and socks; insurance, balls and umpires

18 game schedule plus opening and closing tournaments
Post Season play (all stars) will began in June

This year Thibodaux Dixie Baseball will have 3 different leagues

Rookies ages 5, 6 will play Coach Pitch and Tee if needed for some

Minors ages 7, 8, 9 will play live pitching arm, with closed bases, which means player can't leave their base until the ball reaches the plate.

Majors ages 10, 11, 12 will play regular baseball rules with open bases which means runners can take leads and they can be picked off.

Come join the oldest Nationally Organized Baseball Program in Thibodaux. 

Dixie Baseball has changed many rules to allow kids to play more baseball

*Dixie now allows kids to play in as many leagues as they want to, that includes other national, school, or religious leagues and multiple teams at the same time.*